100% Finance for SOLIDEA Group insert LED® in Poland

Warsaw March 19, 2013

Warsaw CentrumSOLIDEA Group offer 100% finance and it is available for all insert LED® lighting products in Poland and elsewhere in Central Europe. We wanted to help and motivate our clients to achieve real energy reduction in stage THREE of our EVE® program. From March SOLIDEA Group are extending that offer to all of the business and public sector. We want ALL shopping centers and office clients in Poland to light up their car parking and facades knowing it is costing them and the environment a fraction of traditional lighting costs. We want Poland to be a brighter and safer environment.

Everyone benefits from proper lighting over the last 25 years we watched Warsaw get brighter and brighter every year. But since winter 2012 car parks, side streets and passageways have become darker to the dismay of the people of Warsaw. Gminas and businesses alike are turning lighting off simply because it is too expensive. With low cost insert LED® most of the energy is saved even turned up.

The Warsaw District of Ochota is just one example where the local Gmina turned many of its street lights off during the Christmas period simply because it cannot afford to keep pace with high energy bills. “Turning street lamps off puts old and young people and property at risk on dark street” Says SOLIDEA Groups Dr. Janusz Przeorek “We have a low cost insert LED® solution where energy bills are slashed and where local authorities do not need to find deposits”.

SOLIDEA Group are offering all local district authorities insert LED® at a fraction of the cost of other lighting solutions. SOLIDEA Group advisory are totally compliant with EU backed SOWA program “We worked very hard to find the right solutions for Public and Business sectors. Says SOLIDEA Group Steve Walker “Our insert LED® are tried and tested they don’t just have the  certification they have a track record which is bankable”. SOLIDEA Group advisory are assisting local authorities with compliance for SOWA applications and getting better lower cost bankable solutions for their local Gmina.

But darkness not only falls on Public Utilities practically all food retail outlets left their car parking lights down to the minimum or even off this winter. The ongoing Crises means retailers have far less money to spend and lighting car parks is very expensive with standard HPS lighting.

SOLIDEA Group are in discussion with several food retailers in Poland and are offering full financed installation which provide instant savings and very short payback. “We want asset and facilities managers to provide first class lighting to attract more customers and make them safe” Says Steve Walker “Providing an upgraded zero risk lighting solution with far lower energy bills and with no Capital Expenditure is Alchemy for Retailers”.

SOLIDEA Group EVE® is a four stage “Energy Value Engineering” program with a Zero Net Energy road map already adopted by most of the largest retail centre developers in Central Europe. insert LED® is a typical EVE® stage THREE energy saving product.





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