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Why insertLED® is ahead of the game

Warsaw 4 April 2013

solsticeExchanging Central Europe’s Street lighting High-intensity discharge lamps [HID] including all of its High Pressure Sodium lamps [HPS] for more efficient LED is no mean feat. There are more than 6,2 million street lamps in Poland and many more security lights. The LED upgrade in CE’s ten nations will save more energy than a large Nuclear Power Plant can generate, But unlike the Nuclear Power Plant these savings are sustainable.

LED will not just save money. Brighter, better quality lighting will make Poland and its neighbors safer, reducing road accidents and crime.

“25% of all the European Unions pedestrian fatalities occur in Poland as many accidents that through bad driving could be offset by better lighting conditions”

The Nationwide LED upgrade will be Poland’s largest contribution to date in permanently reducing CO2 emissions within its borders. Energy saving and Energy efficiency is big business in Central Europe “smart energy” initiatives now commit more than 10 Billion Euro of energy infrastructure investments in the next 10 years.

How critical are public utility energy savings in Poland?

Energy savings are now very critical to the Polish economy. Whilst everyone focuses on the cost of energy generation and speculates who the outcome benefits, few realize that there is a limit to the future supply of electricity without major investment in infrastructure and distribution. Contrary to the belief some might have coal mining is very uneconomical in Poland and because there is a limit to the amount of subsidies available Poland now imports 50% more coal than it did 2 years ago. Aging infrastructure and uneconomical power supply as many are only to aware will soon have the better of Poland. Continue reading