insert LED® A New Brighter Central Europe

Warsaw, Poland 27 March 2013

Introdcuing Insert LED

insert LED® is different – at last high power LED insert lighting simply plug and play into existing street or security lighting. SOLIDEA Group insert LED® program was designed to help the transition from HPS [High Pressure Sodium] lighting to LED. Our mission was to find a low cost reliable and sustainable solution to up grade a National Railway involving many thousands of LED units in phase one and with the ability and resources to roll-out many hundreds of thousands of street lamps upgrades.

Are insert LED® competitive with other Street or Security LED lighting Solutions?

In most cases insert LED® demonstrates a payback period of half of its LED competitors.insert LED® is very competitive even when compared to HPS systems full life cycle insert LED® competes with Capital Cost of all newly developed bright light HPS systems. insert LED® demonstrates highest cost savings whilst delivering the highest quality lighting solution on the market.

Is insert LED® compatible with the SOWA program?

Yes insert LED® is most compatible with the SOWA program and it is never to late to change to insert LED® systems. Our competitive prices for standard street light installations will help free up your budget to ensure your lighting designers can add value to old towns and squares, churches and monuments. SOLIDEA Group have a variety of partners ready to help Gminas, Utilities and other Authorities with all the finance they need.


Warsaw 18 August 2014

ReplaceQ: How does a large Capital City reduce utility operational energy cost and mitigate CO² by more than 70% whilst upgrading its WIFI capability, improving city lighting and better controlling traffic to reduce the impact of pollution? A: Get “SmartPOLES®”

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Warsaw 6 January 2014

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Warsaw 4 April 2013

solsticeExchanging Central Europe’s Street lighting High-intensity discharge lamps [HID] including all of its High Pressure Sodium lamps [HPS] for more efficient LED is no mean feat. There are more than 6,2 million street lamps in Poland and many more security lights. The LED upgrade in CE’s ten nations will… Read More