NAPLES Florida 13 August 2013 – Jabil Circuit Partners GlobaltechLED for InsertLED®

GlobaltechLED the trusted leader in commercial and industrial InsertLED® Lighting, announced today that it has selected Jabil Circuit, Inc. (NYSE: JBL) as its primary global manufacturing services and supply chain management provider.

Gary Mart, CEO of GTL, said, “We are confident that this partnership will provide significant benefits to GlobaltechLED and our customers, including a more variable cost structure, greater flexibility to respond to changes in volumes or customer requirements, shorter cycle times for certain products, and enhanced quality management.

As a world-class supply chain partner, Jabil has extensive experience in assembly and testing for companies around the world. We are excited about the opportunities for growth as we move forward with this partnership.” GlobaltechLED, though a young company, founded in 2008 by Gary Mart and Jeffrey Newman InsertLED® has hit the market with full force and has established itself as the leader in commercial and industrial InsertLED® lighting. The ingenuity of design, application, and ease of installation has resulted in hundreds of thousands of modules installed around the world with less than a 1% failure rate.

GlobaltechLED is committed to manufacturing the world’s most universal and technologically advanced LED Systems. Partnering with Jabil GlobaltechLED continue to be manufactured in the USA, it also allows InsertLED® products sold in the EU to be manufactured in their respective countries including Poland.

With for GlobaltechLED the future of InsertLED® lighting has arrived. Jabil is an electronic product solutions company providing comprehensive electronics design, manufacturing and product management services to global electronics and technology companies. Jabil helps bring electronics products to the market faster and more cost effectively by providing complete product supply chain management around the world. With more than 175,000 employees and 90+ facilities in 33 countries including Poland, Jabil provides comprehensive, individualized-focused solutions to customers in a broad range of industries.


SOLIDEA Group 4 April 2013 Warsaw, Poland

SOLIDEA Group presents the first insertLED® GTS98 installed in the ancient City of Tarnow in the South of Poland

We look forward to installing insertLED® lighting units in many more of Poland’s Gminas over the next few years saving money and energy, reducing CO2 contribution and making Poland a brighter safer and more secure place.

Dr. Janusz Przeorek



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