SmartPOLES® for Big Cities or Rural Communities

Warsaw 18 August 2014

ReplaceQ: How does a large Capital City reduce utility operational energy cost and mitigate CO² by more than 70% whilst upgrading its WIFI capability, improving city lighting and better controlling traffic to reduce the impact of pollution? A: Get “SmartPOLES®”

Upgrading existing infrastructure to SmartPOLES® means LED Lighting without disruption Plug and Play. SmartPOLES® architecture can incorporate backhaul, gas detection and even speeding cameras

A three in one solution from cost savings

Poland’s SOLIDEA Group InsertLED® presents an opportunity for everybody from large cities to small urban communities to upgrade to LED lighting within existing infrastructure. InsertLED® is as its name suggests is an LED insert light source which can be installed in existing street lighting anywhere and in little more time than it takes to change a light bulb.

LED has a distinct advantage over existing HPS [High Pressure Sodium] firstly because the power consumption at the installation provides more than 70% energy [and therefore CO² and cost] reduction. InsertLED® has further energy saving advantages over traditional lighting because it is controllable. InsertLED® can, for example be turned down on moonlight nights and when lighting conditions change. InsertLED® utilities are designed to run at mid capacity they can also deliver more light [lights can be temporarily turned up when needs arise for example after a traffic accident or during any other unplanned event].

Since LED has very little lighting pollution the effective lighting gain over traditional technology is considerable, LED lighting provides far better quality than existing HPS and since the environmental impact of LED is considerable upgrading to LED is inevitable for all utilities.

Competitive Prices

Before InsertLED® most LED solutions were too expensive for most applications, being incompatible with existing infrastructure much of the top of the lighting pole or fixture needed replacing and since light fittings are generally far more expensive than LED devices upgrading to LED systems has been prohibitive because of total cost.

“Several Polish Cities are noted for paying far more for LED solutions than is necessary. According to recent Polish news  the City of Bydgoszcz Lighting Utility announced it was paying  three times the price of InsertLED®  for its LED lighting solution.

Modular Construction, Plug and Play

Since InsertLED® is plug and play existing infrastructure may remain intact, there are no design issues regarding conservation of existing infrastructure because InsertLED® practically involves changing the bulb.  Open architecture of InsertLED® means it is more easily integrated with other devices and this is the origin of the SOLIDEA Group SmartPOLES® Concept.

InsertLED® is rather different because unlike other “bulb” or sealed unit LED technology InsertLED® is an open board technology. The LED fascia is a circuit board [referred to by SOLIDEA Group Engineers as “The Frisbee”] is easily detached from the structural body of the device the heat sink, and the active cooling fan and replaced.

InsertLED® can be serviced and maintained, any of its parts are easily replaced in a small local workshop because it is entirely modular. InsertLED® is a device aimed for the sustainable environment and as a “Cradle to Cradle” device it will quickly repay its capital investment again and again and in future will drive innovation.

Disruptive Street Lighting Technology

Since the efficiency of LED devices is driven by diodes and the continual development of diode technology [or “power ups”] having a lamp where this technology is interchangeable in future makes InsertLED® a disruptive technology.

“InsertLED® fits all sizes and all solutions the technology is already adopted, this is not the case for other LED technologies”

Because of InsertLED® modular design and construction production can be integrated with “power ups” and any technological advances integrated in real time and as fast as they occur. It would is possible for our OEM to upgrade technology on the same day it occurs simply swapping one component on the production line. Technology can be integrated into new and InsertLED® upgrades in manufacture and in repair even in real time.

“The design of InsertLED® is game changing for major cities and for large installation sustainable roll-outs because it has the ethos of Cradle to Cradle economics built in. In future InsertLED® can be upgraded in small local workshops creating local employment, avoiding waste and mitigating embedded CO² from delivery and production.”

Energy cost and CO² mitigation empowering other devices

Since InsertLED® saves at least 70% over existing non LED technologies and since it costs far less than competing systems it can be quickly integrated into existing infrastructure plug and play,

The economics of InsertLED® means a fast payback short term from savings. Since these savings can accommodate other devices for public and commercial benefit over the medium term such as free Citizen WIFI connectivity. Bandwidth is fast becoming a major issue in Cities and Towns throughout Europe [rural Europe still does without] cost and CO² savings from public street lighting could be best used to provide an integrated free Citizen WIFI solution which accommodates all the needs of society everywhere.

Along came the SmartPOLES®

SOLIDEA Group InsertLED® have teamed up with a communication technology innovator for backhaul this new high power technology is applicable economically in both urban and rural environments. The SmartPOLES® three way concept includes SOLIDEA Groups PowerCan® partner Xtralis with a version of their powerful VESDA for pollution detection and control in urban environments and in particular big cities.

SmartPOLES® currently offers a choice of one two or three way integrated solutions for large cities. SOLIDEA Group SmartPOLES® with backhaul are ideal for rural areas in fact anywhere with street lighting could be upgraded to super fast internet and with enough bandwidth to match the capacity of any City system even in the most remote location

What a difference with Backhaul

The WIFI backhaul solution for SmarPOLES® provides WIFI connectivity via NLOS [non line of sight] a series of microwave connections linking pole to pole [as well as other permanent infrastructure] in its network. The WIFI backhaul is encrypted to provide secure connectivity to emergency and priority services to best service the community where it is located and since the connectivity between devices is substantial many networks can be created at the same time.

“Backhaul has the capacity to level the playing field in rural areas where children are disadvantaged compared to children in City environments, SmartPOLES® could provide all of the EU’s children equal internet advantage simply by upgrading LED street lighting”  

SmartPOLES® can easily provide all the bandwidth needed for all of the services in a Major Capital City and with plenty of commercial capacity to spare for voluntary or dedicated connection. The distance between NLOS devices of up to 3km enables even many channels to be established in a large City at the same time each jumping from Pole to Pole and in sequences of up to 50 units.

As internet speed and access continues to gobble up capacity pushing existing infrastructure to its limits the SmartPOLES® solution provides a new lease of life one which can provide capacity for today’s needs and because it is entirely scalable again SmartPOLES® has sustainability at its heart.

“Backhaul infrastructure on SmartPOLES® would mean the end of dropped calls anywhere”

Backhaul provides comprehensive cover for low cost and because it can be integrated into cost efficient lighting upgrades in urban and rural areas the cost savings provided by upgrading lighting means backhaul is not only affordable now in rural areas but it could mean free WIFI in future paid for by savings from existing public utilities.

“SmartPOLES® backhaul can provide new internet speeds in rural areas even rivaling those most advanced in our cities, it means no more dropped calls and opens the door for free citizen WIFI”.

Why Inner City SmartPOLES® need VESDA

The VESDA gas sensory unit is a world class product it features in the majority of today’s smart fire detection systems. VESDA samples air quality using a laser technology and being able to sense oxygen depletion in the atmosphere means fires are detected before they occur.

SOLIDEA Group SmartPOLES® sees the need for deploying VESDA in our cities where it can constantly observe NO², CO² and CO in the atmosphere above traffic. VESDA integrated with SmartPOLES® has the capability of mapping pollution and gas levels across our cities like never before and by integrating VESDA into traffic control systems high concentrations of pollution can be mitigated simply by slowing or redirecting traffic in busy streets

“Recent articles from London indicate that inner London high streets could be the source of lethal gas pollution. Many streets in Central London are restricted to Taxi and Buses only and since the majority of this type of vehicle is Diesel consequently NO² emissions have regularly surpassed dangerous levels. Having SmartPOLES® infrastructure integrating VESDA technology means traffic systems in inner London can be proactive in reducing pollution automatically”

SmartPOLES® Innovation

SOLIDEA Group is an international company based in Poland “we strive to find cutting edge solutions to CO² mitigation we are developing a range of well designed and disruptive systems which make economical sense and reduce green house gas emissions. SOLIDEA Group PowerCan® and InsertLED ® are award winning innovations designed to improve environment.

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